Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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commercial electric vehicle charging station installation in Vancouver WA ridgefield longview kelso kalama camas washington by GreenLight Solar & Roofing Electric vehicles (EV) popularity grows each day as drivers discover the amount of money they can save while doing their part for the environment. Companies are working to help the environment by establishing commercial electric vehicle charging stations for their employees. The company’s policies contribute to their employee’s objectives to use renewable energy with their electric vehicles. This demonstrates the company’s environmental awareness and a strong sense of social conscientiousness.

Commercial Car Charging Station Installation

Most charging stations are on-street charging facilities provided by electric companies or privately owned shopping center charging stations. The need for commercial electric vehicle charging stations grows as more people purchase electric vehicles. The need for higher voltage chargers is also increasing; these chargers speed up the EV charging process. Having commercial electric vehicle charging stations available to use while at work is beneficial. A commercial electric car charging station installation also offers an outstanding example of energy conservation.

Three Types of EV Charging Stations

  1. Slow Charging – This charging station is typically used for EVs. It provides charging through a 120 volt (V) AC dedicated circuit breaker. It is typically employed in private homes. For an 8-hour charge at 120 V, the EV will be replenished for 40 miles of electric range depending on the battery. For a full charge like this, it takes at least six to eight hours. This charger can be found at most on-street charging stations.
  2. Fast Charging – For a quicker charge, this station charges the EV in half the time. This charging station provides a charge through 240V or 208V AV dedicated circuits of 20 to 100 amps. This all depends on the charger configuration, the circuit capacity, and the battery type. Getting charged from the fast charger adds approximately ten to twenty miles of range to the vehicle per charging an hour. More public on-street charging stations now use this technology for quick, longer lasting charge. For a commercial electric car charging station installation, this charger would be ideal.
  3. Rapid Charging – This charging station provides a higher power charging through a 480V or 208V AC dedicated circuit. The rapid charger is often located along heavy traffic corridors and at public charging stations. For this level of power, the EV’s typical charge with the fast charger will add approximately sixty to eighty miles of range to a PEV in 20 minutes of charging period. Not usually recommended for a commercial electric car charging station installation.

Besides the gratification of taking care of their employees and the environment, the government offers companies a set of incentives to help with commercial electric car charging station installation. In the end, any business that uses energy efficiently prospers.


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