LED Lighting

LED Lighting

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LED lighting has been in existence since the 1960s, but has evolved to be a mainstream source of contemporary lighting today.

The US Department of Energy claims that LED lighting systems are gaining popularity by offering enhanced lighting systems for building environments and exceptional energy efficiency while being environmentally safe. These lights do not produce any UV rays and do not contain mercury or lead.

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Interior LED Lighting Specialists GreenLight Solar Vancouver WA Portland OR and Southwest WashingtonInterior LED Lighting Enhancement

There are endless uses for LED lighting systems for homes or businesses. Lighting can accent that favorite piece of art or brighten a space for personal safety.

The installation of LED light strips, rigid light bars, recessed fixtures or spotlights helps to illuminate staircases, provide backlighting to add ambiance to a room or brighten workspaces.
Retail stores are using new LED technology to help enrich a customer’s shopping experiences with store mapping, route finding, product finding, floor associate pinging, customer data gathering and heat mapping. The versatility of LED lighting systems are boundless.

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exterior LED Lighting by Greenlight Solar in Vancouver WA and Southwest WashingtonExterior LED Lighting

When the need arises for efficient high-intensity lighting on highways, roads, streets, parking lots, parks, pathways, bike lanes, or perimeter security, LED lights are the answer.

The technology offered by solar powered LED light fixtures provide a reliable light source that requires less electricity. Solar street light batteries last longer while providing a brighter source of light at a lower energy cost.

The new solar LED light systems integrate today’s technology for the ideal exterior lighting project.

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LED lighting retrofits & Conversions Greenlight Solar Vancouver WA Camas Longview Kelso Portland OR & Southwest WashingtonLED Lighting Conversions and Retrofits

For a cost-effective lighting upgrade, a LED conversion may the answer. A LED light conversion is an alternative to replacing the whole lighting system.

For an office building, shopping mall, or even a home’s kitchen or living room, a conversion can contribute to brightening the space while decreasing your energy bill.

LED retrofits are similar to LED conversions, but a retrofit specifically will allow home and business owners to utilize the hardware from the older systems. Many systems can be retrofitted if halogen bulbs were used originally.

New street fixtures can be mounted on the existing poles saving the company money, and LED lights offer a brighter, safer outdoor environment.

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What LED Lighting Can Offer

LED lights save money by nearly 20 percent in the long run, while offering greater illumination and lowering the possibility of fire. Thanks to newer technology and the need for energy conservation, LED lights have longer lifespans than incandescent lights while providing greater luminosity.

Additionally, LED lights have no glass components which improves their cold weather performance and increases their durability and resistance to breakage from vibration and shocks.

If you are considering adding LED lights to your home, business, or commercial space, contact Greenlight Solar to help you rejuvenate your outdated lighting system.



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