Exterior LED Lighting

Exterior LED Lighting

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exterior LED Lighting by Greenlight Solar in Vancouver WA and Southwest Washington
Upgrading to exterior LED lighting systems enhances the quality and safety of a building’s outdoor environment.

The energy efficiency of LED lights helps to lower a company’s carbon footprint, and it uses a fraction of the electricity that is generally required to power traditional light sources.


LED Lighting vs Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights usually have a life expectancy of a thousand to five thousand hours compared to LED lights, which have thirty thousand to one hundred thousand hours of life. The longer life of outdoor LED lighting ends up saving a significant amount of money over time.

Additionally, LED lights offer superior performance in cold weather and in spite of any extreme vibrations or shocks.

Exterior LED Lighting Systems Have Multiple Applications

Nearly any outdoor area that utilizes traditional lighting can be converted to a LED Light System, including:

  • Parking Lots or athletic field lighting systems can be customized to fit any size space required.
  • Urban streets, rural roads, and cross-country highway lighting systems likewise require larger systems to provide secure lighting for travelers.
  • Smaller areas that require smaller systems like street signs, mailbox stations, bus stops, emergency signage, or decorative landscaped areas also benefit from practical exterior LED lighting systems.


Solar-Powered LED Lights

Solar flood light fixtures provide long-lasting, efficient coverage that reduces costs while providing safe spaces. Businesses choose LED lighting with solar panels that emit intense light for people’s safety while keeping a company’s costs low.

With the aid of solar components, outdoor LED lighting systems are more efficient in ever-changing weather systems; Their solar cells will sense the approach of inclement weather and will be activated accordingly, emitting an appropriate amount of light.

LED lights with solar batteries offer brighter consistent lighting for your community. Today’s solar batteries have a longer life expectancy while providing an economical alternative to keep an area lit whenever needed.


Exterior Solar LED Light System Preparation

Quality solar outdoor LED lighting installation begins with a comprehensive plan to meet the client’s requirements. The appropriate times of operation, backup timing, wattage, lumen, color and the brightness of the solar LED lights are needed to meet the standards required for street lights, parking lots, bus stops, and signage.

From preparation to installation, our experienced installers at GreenLight Solar will meet all the requirements for a system that offers safe and reliable exterior LED lighting.



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