LED Lighting Retrofits & Conversions

LED Lighting Retrofits & Conversions

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LED lighting retrofits are a very beneficial way to modernize a business or home while lowering energy bills.

Business owners and homeowners often assume that the best way to upgrade the old lighting is to remove and replace the old fixtures with new ones. However, tearing out an entire system is usually a more expensive way to do it.

With a LED lighting conversion or retrofit, Greenlight Solar may be able to use much of the old hardware from the current lighting system to minimize costs.


LED Retrofit Advantages

Changing the system to LED lighting has many advantages:

  • LED lighting fixtures reduce the heat that is usually produced from a traditional light bulb.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced or eliminated.
  • LED lights emit a brighter light, making rooms look larger and cleaner.
  • It reduces the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Most LED lamps offer warranties of up to ten years.

Retrofits are beneficial for new spaces in pre-existing buildings, new construction, and wherever lighting improvements and energy efficiency is required.

Businesses that profit from LED lighting retrofits are athletic venues, auto dealerships, healthcare facilities, parking lots, restaurants, retail stores, and many other commercial industries.

Tax Incentives for LED Light Retrofits

Energy efficient LED lighting retrofit installations offer a return of capital in less than thirty-seven months, dependent on the system being replaced. Additionally, there are state and local utility incentives and tax rebates available for a retrofit.


Are LED Lighting Retrofits & Conversions the Solution for You?

LED lighting conversions involve removing the existing light bulbs, ballast, sockets and brackets and replacing them with LED lamps.

The experts at Greenlight Solar know exactly what is needed to upgrade the lighting systems.

It is important to have the expertise of a licensed technician who knows the safety requirements and local electrical codes; electricity can be dangerous to handle, so it is not advisable to take on LED lighting conversions without the help of an experienced electrician.


LED Light Retrofit Installation Considerations 

At Greenlight Solar, our experts can help determine the appropriate scope of the lighting installation you require. We will work with you to determine the following:

  • What lights need to be replaced?
  • What are the dimensions of the lighting fixture?
  • What is the size of the actual fixture?
  • What is the wattage and voltage of the existing lights?

The professionals at Greenlight Solar have LED lighting solutions for any situation. Contact us today if you are considering a LED light retrofit for your home or business.


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