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Energy Efficient Insulation

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energy efficient insulation contractors in vancouver WA camas longview kelso by GreenLight Solar & RoofingHomeowners use fifty to seventy percent of their energy costs to heat and cool their homes. Inadequate insulation is the principal reason for wasted energy in the home. Energy efficient insulation not only saves money but helps to conserve the nation’s dwindling energy resources. Insulation is also responsible for keeping a home more comfortable by maintaining moderate temperatures throughout the day.

Where Is Energy Efficient Insulation Required?

  • Attic of the home
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Heating ducts
  • Basement crawlspace and floors
  • Exterior walls
  • Floors situated on concrete slabs

Homeowners will appreciate the value of energy efficient insulation when they see a return on their insulation investments. The savings on their energy bills will be considerable. It still depends on several factors the amount of energy conserved:

  • The local climate
  • The size and shape of the home.
  • The construction and materials used
  • The living habits of the family
  • The type of heating and cooling system
  • The fuel used to run the HVAC system

Energy Efficient Insulation Contractors

Without insulation, air leaks can develop over time. Allowing cold or hot air to leak into the home wastes energy while increasing the cost of utilities. This makes it harder on the heating and cooling systems to moderate the temperature in the house.

Homeowners will see the difference when an energy efficient insulation contractor installs insulation designed for the home. Adding insulation improves the overall climate of the home’s environment. It also helps with many of these common issues:

  • Overall humidity control
  • Lower incidence of ice dams on the roof in the colder climates
  • Noise reduction from the outside
  • Lessens the amount of dust, pollen, insects and pests from gaining access to the home

Energy Efficient Insulation Types

The primary function of energy efficient insulation is to provide heat resistance to a home while lowering the cost of energy used. Proper insulation moderates the flow of heat into or out of the home while maximizing comfort for the occupants.

With the assistance of a qualified energy efficient insulation contractor, the homeowner will know what type of insulation best suits their home.

Insulation is made from several different kinds of materials and is available in four different forms made to fit the requirements of the job. The most popular insulation is the rolls and batt, but loose fill, foam in place and rigid foam work for tighter spaces that are tough to access. Depending on the area of the home requiring insulation, the energy efficient insulation contractor will be happy to find the most appropriate insulation suited for the job.



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