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Solar Panel Installation Contractors

Solar panels harness the sun’s energy to produce electricity for the home. It gets easier with the help of the newer technology used in today’s solar panels. They are stronger to meet the electrical demands of the typical American household or business.

Our professional solar panel installation contractors will review with the homeowner the proper system that will be installed and the placement of that system to provide optimum service. They will help clarify how to link the solar system to the city utilities and procure the necessary permits for the job.

Solar powered solutions start with the installation of solar panels and products with the help of experienced solar contractors.

Residential Solar Services

Residential solar services and products from GreenLight Solar & Roofing offer many alternatives to the higher costs of conventional energy choices such as gas or electricity. Save money on your utility bill with a custom home solar panel installation package for the home.

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Commercial Solar Services

GreenLight Solar & Roofing provides commercial solar panel installation services. Renewable energy through solar panel installation is a clean and efficient solution to lower utility costs and save the company money.

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Solar Rebates & Tax Incentives

To encourage the use of renewable energy, the federal government established the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), offering tax credit for purchasing and establishing a working solar system for both residential and commercial properties.

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Residential Solar Panel Installation

The main objective of any homeowner today is to lower the monthly local utility bill. With rising household expenditures, why not check out what the advantages of renewable energy can offer.

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is affording both large and small companies the opportunity to reevaluate their energy expenditures. Providing businesses the opportunity to install commercial solar services offers an alternative to the high costs of electricity.

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Renewable Energy
Solar Panels & Products

A property owner’s primary goal is to keep the expenses low and save money whenever possible. The majority of owners want to reduce their carbon footprint while extricating our country from foreign fuel dependence. To do this, home and business owners need to look to renewable energy to meet these goals and lower their monthly expenditures.

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Save Big with Solar Panels and Products!

Expert solar contractors can assist you to determine which solar services are essential to your home or business. As your local experts, we know the area and can pinpoint any tax incentives and rebates offered to further your savings. A full explanation and assessment of the property will help in determining what services our expert solar panel contractors offer. These services include:


Analysis of the Site

GreenLight Solar & Roofing will analyze your property to determine the best solar solutions for your home or business.

Installation of Solar Panels

With the advancement of technology, solar panels and products offer many savings, and incentives to any budget while lessening greenhouse gases for the environment.

With our vast experience as solar installers, we can assist you in bringing your home or business into the 21st century.

Rebates & Tax Incentives

Each state has programs offering solar panel rebates & tax incentives for the purchase and use of solar power.

It is our mission to find all of the tax rebates and incentives to help you discover the dream of incorporating renewable energy into your home or business.

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