Residential Solar Panel Services

Residential Solar Panel Services

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Home Solar Panel Installation

The main objective of any homeowner today is to lower the monthly local utility bill. With rising household expenditures, why not check out what advantages renewable energy can offer? Renewable sources of energy like the hydropower, wind, and solar are now more than ever being utilized as a substitute energy source. Residential solar services and products offer many alternatives to the higher costs of conventional energy choices such as gas or electricity. Shrink that utility bill with a custom home solar panel installation package for the home.

Advantages of Residential Solar Panels & Products

  • Solar energy provides a steady and consistent source of energy
  • Using solar energy helps the environment
  • It is clean and reliable
  • Solar energy is low maintenance
  • It is easily installed in most locations
  • Solar panels can be installed in secluded areas to replace electricity


Hiring a Solar Contractor for Residential Solar Panels

What’s the benefit of hiring a professional solar contractor for installation of your residential solar panels?

With GreenLight Solar, you will get…

  • A full assessment of the household’s electrical and water needs
  • Professional design and installation of a reliable solar system
  • Establish the most efficient location for the home solar panels
  • Home solar products that offer close to 20 years or more unending service to any household

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Home Solar Panel Installation for Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver WA Longview Kelso Kalama Camas Washington by GreenLight Solar Contractors

Residential Solar Panel Installation

For an alternative way to produce electricity, home solar panels offer renewable energy that takes energy from the sun for use in the home. Residential solar panel installation will help reduce the electricity used, which helps the environment. Dependent on the location of the home, the Department of Energy estimates that the typical home can save nearly forty percent of the home’s energy by using solar energy. More and more homeowners are converting to solar energy for their energy needs.

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Home Solar Water Heaters for Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver WA Longview Kelso Kalama Camas Washington by GreenLight Solar Contractors

Home Solar Water Heaters

Water heaters powered by solar energy help to reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy required to keep the home’s hot water heated. Solar powered water heating consists of several technologies that are being used throughout the world. After assessing the household’s water requirements, solar resources, and the systems available for your specific household needs, GreenLight Solar can establish the best solar water heating system for the home.

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Home Solar Pool Heaters Installation for Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver WA Longview Kelso Kalama Camas Washington by GreenLight Solar Contractors

Home Solar Pool Heaters

To extend the family’s swimming season, homeowners have been turning to solar resources to heat the home’s pool. Depending on the availability of the sunshine in the location of the home, heating the pool with solar can save on the amount of electricity required to heat the pool in the cooler seasons.

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Our Residential Solar Installation Process

Over the next few weeks you will be introduced to some of the most advanced solar technologies in the world that will help you reduce your electrical consumption and save you money. Have no fear, this is an easy process. Your solar system only takes a couple days to install. Of course, each home is different so we ask that you give us a little flexibility on timing. We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and customer service and making switching over to solar easy for our customers. Naturally you’ll have questions, and we’ll be right there with you answering them every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect:

Site Assessment
A solar technician will visit you in your home to confirm your system design, verify measurements, and adjust for shade and obstructions on your roof. Week 1-2
Once you give the green light we’ll submit your solar design to the city for permitting. We have a team of engineers dedicated to processing your permits and engineering plans. This allows us to have your solar panels installed faster than our competitors. The timing now depends on how quickly local government works and can take up to four weeks. Week 2-4
After we receive the permits to install your solar panels you will be put on our schedule to have them installed. Our team of electricians are dedicated to home esthetics and provide the best solar panel installations in the Pacific Northwest. Our teams have installed more than 1,000 photovoltaic systems in Washington and Oregon over the past decade and pride ourselves on delivering our clients professional installations in a timely fashion. Week 4-5
County/City Inspections
When construction is finished, the county or city will do a final inspection of your solar array before your system can be connected to the grid. Week 5-6
Utility Interconnection
For you to be able to obtain your rebate check and/or incentives from your local utility company and state government we provide an experienced team that deals with all Oregon and Washington State utilities and complete all the necessary paperwork for our customers. This ensures that your rebates and applications are promptly processed and submitted to the appropriate jurisdictions. We handle your net metering and interconnection with the utilities, and the inspection of the system to make sure our customers our up and running off the sun as soon as possible. Week 5-6
Turn On and Start Saving Money
When the utility company installs the net meter, that means you’re free to flip the switch and start generating clean, affordable, money-saving solar energy right from your roof. The last step of the solar installation process is to hook up your monitoring software and show you how to get online to monitor your solar panels production. Congratulations on making your home a solar home! Week 6-8


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