Home Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Homeowners are turning to the sun for a continuous supply of preheated water for use in their homes. Home solar water heater panels are replacing the older fossil-fueled water heaters. By converting sunlight into renewable energy to heat water, several systems of varying technologies have been developed for use in the home. Home solar water heater panels have been designed to convey hot water for the greater part of the year.

Home Solar Water Heaters for Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver WA Longview Kelso Kalama Camas Washington by GreenLight Solar & Roofing ContractorsHarnessing the solar energy to heat water helps to reduce the amount of fossil fuels required to keep an endless supply of hot water available for the homeowner’s needs.

Using solar water heating is rewarding in that it gives the homeowner independence from the energy companies, lowers the impact on the environmental and financial savings seen on the property’s monthly utility bills.

Passive or Active Home Solar Water Heater Panels

There are a few types of solar water heater panels developed for specific climates in mind. Passive heaters which are the simpler water heaters that use nothing but the forces of nature. Active water heaters use electrical controls and pumps to move the heated water through the system. Active systems work best where temperatures tend to freeze in colder climates.

Active Systems – Solar panel water heating active systems break down into two different categories. The direct system moves water through solar collectors into the storage tank with the assistance of electrical controls and pumps. The indirect solar systems use heat transfer fluid similar to antifreeze in the solar collectors. This fluid never touches the water but flows into the sealed piping of a heat exchanger which the water surrounds and eventually is pumped into the storage tank.

Passive Systems – The passive systems are uncomplicated but effective. With the batch system, water is warmed up inside the tank which then use gravity or convection to move the hot water from the tank in the home’s water pipes. With the thermosiphon method, cold water moves through the tubes of the solar collector and nature’s convection process moves the heated water into a separate water tank and then into the pipes within the home.

Quality Solar Water Heater Installation

The popularity of solar panel water heating systems encompasses several technologies that are used worldwide from Asia to Europe to Africa. When a home’s solar water heater installation is successful the home’s hot water supply will not be interrupted. For colder climates the original water heater can remain, or a booster can be connected to avoid the surprise of no hot water in the shower when the temperatures dip below zero. A solar panel water heating expert will be able to help analyze the best system for the climate and needs of the household.


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